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Decoration Translations

Official (certified, sworn) translations (English, Spanish, French and Slovak)

Technical translations: technical texts (law, economy).
Standard translations: literature (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Slovak).

Sworn or certified translations are used in communication with state administration (civil register, police) and everywhere the translation has to bear the stamp of an official translator in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 491/2004 Coll. As an official translator of Spanish, Slovak, French, English I carry out translations of various documents:

birth certificates
marriage certificates
citizenship certificates
certificates, diplomas
academic records and school certificates
certificates of conformity
certificates of vehicle´s deregistration
criminal records
extracts from companies´register
contracts and more...


I also collaborate with a lawyer and sworn translator of German, Mag. iur. Michael Hüttl. (link)

Decoration Delivery

All translations can be delivered by e-mail, fax, postal service or collected in person from our offices in Slovakia.

Contact: Michal Kriško, tel: (+421) 0911 222 540, fax: (+421) 654 20 477, e-mail:,